Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Seeing a fight is a form of entertainment, which boxers inside the ring gain millions of dollars. For example, the fight between Mosley and Pacquiao should have had a better outcome. Viewers were disappointed at the performance of these well-known boxers. As a result, viewers suspected the fight was just fixed for profit. The representatives knew that by fixing this fight would result in high profit because peoples’ demand was high and the prices of tickets were ridiculously high because they knew that people were willing to pay a high cost for this boxing match. The ticket prices for famous boxers such as Manny Pacquiao seem to be inelastic to his fans; therefore, the representatives take advantage of this fact to organize a fight that will produce millions of dollars. The income effect will come into play as the fans will start to save money and cut themselves from other trade-offs in order to be faithful to their idol Pacquiao. The organizers have already starting to plan a match between Pacquiao and Mayweather that is surely to generate more millions than this past match. However the question still remains if famous boxers keep organizing matches that will produce millions will the demand go down if the performances keep being unsatisfactory to the public like this past performance?

By Abby Garcia


  1. As a boxing fan, I was also very dissapointed by Shane Mosely lack of effort during his fight with Manny Pacquio, and felt as if was only fighting to earn one last paycheck. It is a shame that Pacquio hasn't been able to fight better competition during his prime like Floyd Mayweather Jr., because there would have been an insane amount of demand for this fight and it would finally prove who is the best boxer of this generation. Mayweather refusal to fight not only results in a loss of revunue for Pay-per view channels like HBO, and the waste of the prime of Manny Pacquio's carrer, it also prevents Floyd from earning the $50 million dollar apperance fee for the fight. I personnally believe that Floyd Mayweather believes that a loss to Pacquio would result in the losses greater than $50 million for him because it would end his undefeated recorded and damage his image and brand.

  2. I agree with you Andrew in every aspect of your comment. I was not aware that the fight between Mayweather vs Pacquiio has been put off but now that I am I can imagine all the money that could have been generated due it's high demand by fans. Maybe this match would have had a better outcome than this past saturday's. Boxing has been transformed into a sport that will entertain people at such high prices depending on the reputations of the fighters.