Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Groupon, Live Nation partner on concert discounts

Groupon and Live Nation have decided to join together in selling discounted tickets for concerts around the country. Both of these discounted ticket sites are both successful individually. By combing both of these major companies, each company will lose money. Joining these two companies will cause the demand to go higher but the price of the tickets will remain the same, causing each site to lose money. Although each site will be loosing money, people in general will be more pleased. Combing these two sites will allow people to pay less for a better concert. Live nation and Groupon used to be compliments of each other, but now that they have combined, it will make the site more pleasing to others, not including themselves. Buyers, like me will be spending less time working on finding the best discounted concert ticket price, because there will be one less site to check on.  Which is another reason why combing these two major companies will be easier and more useful to the people. Although the companies may lose money, each company has had their own strengths, which, in the end will help the combining of the two companies more than the others. Live Nation and Groupon both, together will have to compete against the most widely known discounted ticket seller, Ticketmaster. Also, by combing these two companies it will cause a greater competition between all of the discounted concert ticket companies.

-Meggan S.

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