Thursday, May 5, 2011

The (Anti)Hipster Movement

An infestation has been sweeping across America recently. I have been an actual witness to this. We have been over run by hipsters. Being humane though we don’t want to kill the hipsters we just want to put them in a place where we can't see them. Here's the skinny jeans on the situation. There is a HUGE supply of hipsters right now. Now our demand of hipsters cannot keep up with the amount of hipsters there are. Their pretentiousness is only tolerable in 2s or maybe 3s but any more is too many. Since are demand for hipsters is dwindling, the supply should start dropping soon…one can only hope. With this surplus of hipsters we must decide what we want to do with them. We have two options 1) take care of them 2) put them somewhere and let the government take care of it for us. The best decision is to put the hipsters somewhere and just pay the spillover cost of doing so (spillover cost being the price we pay when government picks up and deals with trash and waste). The benefits are many by doing so. The most notable being reduced time around them. Help fix the problem by reading the article here

-Henri Levy


  1. I am afraid that the supply of hipsters will remain inelastic. For it is the nature of the hipster to be rebellious, they thrive on the general public’s contempt for them. This is evident in their increasing numbers despite their persecution. As their underground music and pretentious commentary become more and more despised, they will begin to grow and thrive as they resume their self-declared rebellious behavior in opposition to the public’s contempt. The invisible hand has led our society to this situation of an uncontrollable and irreparable supply of hipsters. So I think that we should adopt the ideals of the great John Maynard Keynes. He proposed that when times become unmanageable the government needs to step in and try to control and repair the situation. But as any opposition will cause the hipsters to become more powerful, there is no way to completely eradicate them. What government needs to do is create an incentive for the hipsters to be less public with their hipster behaviors. The public does not hate underground music; the public hates people that think they are superior because they listen to underground music and make their self-proclaimed superiority known through pretentious comments and irrelevant rebellion. So with an incentive to become less public with their superiority, hipster behavior will come to an end as fewer hipsters emerge from the masses. But as they have in the past, the hipsters shall rise again, and the public will once again be disturbed by their presence.

  2. I respectfully disagree with your opinion-we must side with the idea of laissez-faire. Eventually someone will offer a substitute to the lifestyle of hipster that will drive off competition and end hipsters...for the time being at least :).